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This is the home of my NaNoWriMo attempt for the 2002 contest. This is my first year competing... well, trying to hit 50,000, anyway.


I did it!!!!

At 6:30 this evening, I hit 50K! And all it took was gratuitous sex! Now, I'm not done... oh no. The first rewrites start tomorrow... I'll try to get more chapters up, but no promises there... Things started dragging, and well, when it takes an hour to write three hundred words... the result ain't pretty.


Okay, I still really am writing! I'm just having a formatting issue with one of the chapters, and time spent fixing that is time I should be writing... or procrastinating about writing. I updated the word count, though, so you can still see I'm getting there!


Well, I'm caught up again... I got the text back that died, and actually, I think it's better now. I like it... I think I know how I'm going to do my revisions, now.

But not until December 1! Really! 



I lost over a days worth of work! Argh! Stupid disks! Stupid disks not working! ARRGGH!

And damn people for making me have a life on the weekend! So, to say the least, I'm behind. Not hopelessly, but I'm rather disgusted with myself.


Woot! 50,000!

Well, 50,000 characters... with spaces...

Okay, I'm getting back to work now. (Shuffles off)


It's amazing what losing your internet does to your productivity levels... I've been getting quite a chunk done while there's nothing else but SimCity 3000 on this computer to distract me. 


Ah, the wonders of the VCR. Anyone trying to get the daily quota with the SO at work, and a small child running around will know what I'm talking about.


Woot! Day one! Time to get chugging!

Wanders off to go make coffee...

Not doing so badly! I'm aiming for about 1700 a day, and I have 1650 so far. Woot for me! Plus, no Adam tonight... I foresee an early night for the Feesh, and much clicking of keys.


Happy Holloween!

And happy last day of sanity... But I'm getting really excited. Now, only if they could reactivate my account... This is what happens when you switch addies! Ack!

Oh well... it's not like I can't write without the log in. I was just hoping to update my profile, and hop on the boards.


Just over twenty-four hours... And I get to lose my mind for a month.

I really hope the NaNoWriMo site gets up again soon... And Tripod as well.

Last edited Saturday, November 30, 2002